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Thursday, February 10, 2005

interesting things you see when looking at a map

i just posted the google maps site, and decided to do a little geographical tourism. my folks live in washington state, in a little place called Seabeck, which is alongside the Seabeck Bay, on the hood canal. what i didn't realize during any of the times i've been there to visit, (they moved well after i left home) was that the big opening in the canal near misery point was dabob bay. for non-west coast submariners, that might mean anything. but for those of us that went through complete overhauls, or ended up needing recertifications for various weapons and sound silencing systems (think Klingon Cloak of Invisibility), dabob bay played a big part in retesting these systems. i remember a couple of trips to dabob bay, and it amazes me that i didn't realize how close to my folks it is. mom is always talking about watching submarines go by, but i was basically clueless that the bangor submarine base is on one side of them, and dabob bay is on the other.
when we were in washington for post overhaul testing, we did all kinds of ops in dabob bay. we would stay out at night sometimes, just poking along at 1 or 2 knots, looking at all the lit up houses along the shore. i wonder if i saw my folk's house before they did?
and another cool thing is that druid labs west is almost directly north of my folks. considering pop has restaurants in bremerton and silverdale now, with possibly another one going in somewhere nearby, it's a better than zero chance my folks will see bhd before i do. a very big world rendered small.


Blogger WillyShake said...

Bo, Great story--I had heard about the Google Maps feature, but it wasn't until I read this that I went and played with it...AND emailed everyone in my addressbook to tell them about it! So THANK YOU!

You've been bloggin' up a storm lately and it's an inspiration!

All the best,

2/12/05, 5:31 AM  

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