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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

more stuff on the San Francisco grounding

the submarine community is still buzzing about the SSN-711 grounding, as you might well imagine. there has been a shyte-storm in our ranks about a pinhead over at the SFTT website (i will not deign to post a link. you want to know more, google it).
there are a number of sites with information and posts by submariners speculating on what happened, and i'll post some links in a second. i'd like to post the following from the senior chief (hagar the 'orrible), a long time poster and bulletin board buddy on martini's site. if you've read my earlier posts, you'd know that hagar was the auxilliary division chief, and it was his man (cooter) that died. so here's one of his posts regarding the speculation, stolen entirely from Martini's BBS. i do this only because these messages scroll off into the never never land when enough gets posted to the board.
I will keep this simple so that everybody can understand. This is not open for conjecture or comment, if you were not there, don't worry about it, read about it in the official report, ok? We were transiting to Brisbane from Guam. We had a SubNote for our water from Group 7 that we were operating under. We were not in an area where US submarines normally transit through or operate in. Understand that?
We did not hit another submerged unit, it was not steel or hull tile we pulled out of our superstructure, it was ROCK, not even coral. We did not have a more senior officer to our Captain onboard, no matter what else you have read on other sites with writers trying to make names for themselves.
Get over the conjecture, and wait for the rest of the official report, some of us get sick of it.
The crew of the San Fran are doing good, we are one of the best in the fleet, and the tightest crew I've ever served with in 21 years of punching holes, From Captain, to Striker. I'm proud to be a member, and support every action we've done since we grounded to a stop on that bad day. I'm posting this because we had the strength and training to ensure that we were not posted as a list of lost, with a coordinate, 'NUFF said.
Get Some!

i know that the few of us that are submariners that blog are all hitting on the same info, and i hate the redundancy of it all, but that's the blogosphere.
willyshakes links to a post over at Argghhh, a website run by "the two jonah's". they are not submariners, but they have the very latest email sent out by hagar, with explanations of the acronyms we in the submariner community use in lieu of english. all of those abbreviations (why is that word so long?) and acronyms help shortcut communications. they also make us almost unintelligable to the non-initiated.
joel over at the stupid shall be punished talks about the whole "conspiracy theory" aspect most recently, but you will find willyshakes, joel, a bunch of us on martini's, and i have all bandied this subject around.


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