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Monday, February 07, 2005

so did you watch the big game?

we didn't. it's pretty nice having the whole town to ourselves. di and i poked around the house, then went out shopping for groceries. you know, it's really easy to spend a shitload of money when you go to costco! and i have to admit, a big hunk of the money we spent was for restocking the booze locker for when we have guests. so you know what that means, right? come on over, i've got the good stuff.
as part of going out, i "missed" the advertisements and halftime show. since i'm such a non-fan, that's what i'd be watching, and i've better things to do than sit my keister on the couch for however long the superbowl show was, just to watch frigging commercials. there is one that i missed though, and i wish i'd seen it on something bigger than a windows media player 2x2 inch window. tom sullivan, my favorite radio talkshow host in sacramento spent the better part of my commute talking about this commercial by budwieser beer. i'm glad there were no witnesses, because my eyes filled with tears watching it. so i'm a sentimental sucker, or is it a mental....
anyway, i went out to the networld, and it's amazing how small minded some of the pinheads writing about this ad are. everyone from the nyt to the local sfchronicle had assinine comments. i just don't get it.
to all of the kids, and their families, that have put their lives on the line, i salute you. thank you for your service, and thank you for your sacrifices.
and to all the pinheaded asshats out there, fuck you for being so clueless.
one of tom's callers emailed him a letter from someone who was an employee for american airlines, and she works at one of the two airports the kids coming back from overseas land in, dfw i think. she said the reactions on the commercial have become a daily occurence at the airport. (i found where it came from . it's over at Michelle Malkin's home on the web.) i remember leaving chicago in jan73, on my way home from machinest mate "A" school. i was flying in my dress blues, because i didn't have any other clothes to wear. i got jeers, and crap from a bunch of people, up to and including being called a baby killer. pretty funny, since i wasn't much more than a baby myself, and the 5 1/2 months i'd spent in the navy up to that point had been in boot camp and schools. one guy tried grabbing my uniform flap and found himself wedged between a couple of marines i had been talking to while waiting in the USO lounge for my flight. pretty funny looking at those eyes, because he knew he was in deep kimchee. i don't think they hurt him too badly, but i do know they made their point.
one of the things i've been doing for several years now is thanking service folks for their sacrifices and duty. i think it started out from postings on the sub board, but it's almost automatic now, and always heartfelt. for those who serve and have served, they understand. for those who haven't, only a few will ever realize what it means to be in the military, serving your country.


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