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Monday, February 07, 2005

thoughts from an american diplolmat

well, if you've followed the blogosphere long, you saw and read of the diplomad, a foreign service officer in the thick of things after the tsunami. he was writing a blog before, but his reports on the ineptitude and averice of the un folks gained him blogwide fame. for whatever reason, he's pulled the plug, but one of his fellow diplos in europe writes a consistantly informative and intellegent blog. a snip from one of his latest posts:
As Eban once said, the Arabs can have peace or they can have war, but what they can't have is peace in their own nations and war in ours. We're ever so sorry that hurts our standing in Cairo, but there you have it. No doubt we weren't very damn popular in Tokyo circa 1943 as well.
if you haven't checked out New Sisyphus yet, you are missing out. the link to the post quoted above is found here. i guess i think this person is really smart, because he says what i've been saying for a long time, only way, way better.
it's humbling at times, reading folks on the blogosphere. sure are a lot of educated and smart (those two words do not necessarily go together) folks out there. if you want the polar opposite of smart, visit the democratic underground. you want smart, visit sis and his blogbuds.


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