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Thursday, March 10, 2005

oh happy day...kimchi is good for you!

of the many many foods i eat that my wife raises an eyebrow at, kimchi is one of my favorites. of course, i don't open a jar of it in the house. otherwise, i get some not so subtle hints about the weird smell. well, i may have to go out and get a couple more jars. why you ask? go visit Photios and read what he found.
mmmmm....kimchi. better than chicken soup to fix what ails ya!


Blogger Photios said...


I'm glad you like the story. I really think kimchi is one of the best foods that there is. In Seattle there is a restaurant named Shilla that is both Japanese and Korean, so you can get an excellent sushi dinner and some of the best kimchi chigae that you will ever eat - during the same meal!.



3/10/05, 5:19 PM  

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