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Thursday, March 03, 2005


i was asked a couple of posts ago to recommend some cigars. ok, but understand that taste is subjective. for instance, claro is ok, maduro (or dark) is my favorite, and i can't stand green wrapped cigars. just my taste.

so here goes, in asending order of cost, but not necessarily in taste.

Backwoods Cigars. i've been smoking these bad boys for years and years. they are tasty, cheap, all natural tobacco, and the wife doesn't bitch too loudly about their smell. of course, i only smoke outside, and that might help matters. oh, and don't bother with all those weird flavored ones. either the sweet aromatics, or the original. but mostly the sweet aromatics

Antonio y Cleopatra Grenadiers, either the Dark, or the Dark Churchill. both are very good for inexpensive cigars. even cigar snobs enjoy the Dark Churchill.

Thompson Cigar's Maduro wrapped Amigos kick ass. but let me warn anyone interested in buying from Thompson Cigar. they have excellent customer service, but once you get on their mailing list (they are mail order) you will be there forever. and you will find more freaking junk mail than imaginable. but their cigars, and their sampler packs are great. just a word to the wise though about their selling your address to the junkmailers.

Romeo y Julieta reserve maduro cigars are damned good as well. the smaller the ring size (i.e. 44 x something) the happier i am. the Number 4 or the Lonsdale are just right.

La Gloria Cubana is a tasty stogie, and the smaller ring dark wrapper ones run less than 5 or 6 bucks per. not bad for a good cigar that you only smoke once in a while.

Cohiba Cigars are probably my most favorite. i really like the 38, and 42 ring cigars they have in any length. these are just damned good. but expensive. i only get a couple of these a year.

so i hope that sheds some light on the cigar issue. for my money, a kickback stoge is the backwoods sweet aromatics. when i'm having friends over for an informal dinner, a good port and maduro churchill's by AyC foot the bill. so will the Amigos. if it's more formal, or i'm "trying to impress" or show off, i'd go with RyJ silver label reserves. and when it's just me, or me and my bud dwardo sitting on the back porch letting dinner digest after a big assed meal, it's cohiba time. great thing about the backwoods is you don't get ostracized, because they smell pretty damned good. the good thing about the other cigars is that the wives usually stay as far away as they can get. you know, for those important guy talk conversations, like where the fish are hitting, or ...


Blogger WillyShake said...

Wow. You really went above and beyond in answering my question--and I very much appreciate it! What I especially like is that you taught me things (ex: maduro vs. claro) AND that some of these names are easy for a Shakespearean such as myself to remember--Antonio y Cleopatra, Romeo y Julietta--gotta love that! You also gave me a feel for price, which is important to a starving young grad. student. LOL. Thank you!

3/3/05, 10:00 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

i was chuckling to myself as i was looking up the various brands i enjoy. i figured you were a smart cookie, but i wondered if you would pick up on the shakes slant. shouldn't have worried though. you came through.

3/3/05, 10:06 PM  
Blogger Allan said...

It's about time you got Trackbacks,

I hated that I couldn't send one to your when I hosted the Carnival.

3/4/05, 9:46 PM  
Anonymous REGardner said...

Nice summary. I get most of my cigars from JR's Cigars in North Carolina whenever I pass through. Great prices, and their house brand duplicates (fakes?) are a deal. Their stuff is available online if you aren't driving I-95 anytime soon in NC JR's is on the web at http://www.jrcigars.com/ Country's largest cigar seller.

Their sample packs are a good deal to find out what you like. Then buy the fakes = JRs Alternative.

Boat related, I started smoking cigars standing EOOW in Maneuvering before the smoking ban, when ALL the other watchstanders were smoking cigarettes and I was getting smoked out. After the ban, cigar smoking was limited to the bridge during surface transits. Cigars don't last long on the bridge at a Full bell.

3/5/05, 5:55 PM  
Blogger BigMannyJr said...

I have share some of your choices also. In addition I also like Hampton Arms Churchill and Handmade Honduran Maduro No. 900; I don't no who make them but the 900's are distributed by Dream Castle Tobacco Company. Nowdays anything less then $1.50 per. is good.

12/23/05, 8:31 PM  

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