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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

someone else who could be a twin

i've posted how i really appreciated joel's explanation of south park republicans in his profile. and along comes gus, with a psuedo faq with an almost verbatum description of my political inclinations. and of course, willy shakes is another one, but he's a bit flakey...being an english major working on his PhD (ping). now under ordinary circumstances, i probably would never have met or conversed with any of these gents. unless they were on a boat going through an upkeep at mare island from 81 to 94, when i was a shift test engineer, or perhaps on an upkeep in pearl when i was the senior nuke rep/test engineer for mare island. but that aside, i have to say the blogosphere has put me back in touch with the guys (generic) that i used to admire and learned from as a pup, and whom i might add, are not afraid to listen to an old salt. i've been on the internet since about 85, or what turned into the internet. i still remember how to log into pine to check my email from my first account. and using gopher to find stuff. and going to dialup bulletin boards to shoot the breeze and look at nekkid pictures.....oh, did i say that?
anyway, what i'm trying to say is that having a submarine website for 10+ years brought in less emails and conversations than having a blog for less than a year. and the quality of thought, and the inventiveness of humor keeps me checking my email to see if there are any new comments.
i even get a couple of hours sleep a night, between surfing the blogosphere and posting to my own.
life is good.

oh, and before i part. i've kept out of the whole "terri" thing, because what i think about it is my business. but i did hear a good line on the radio saturday night, delivered by an arch lib. i won't hold it against him, simply because the line is too good, even if i do/do not agree with his sentiments. "the folks that are fighting so hard for terri's life now will be the same ones that say she's in a better place after she passes away. this demonstrates the schizophrenia of their position." i always admire a well thought out and delivered line, regardless of what my own beliefs about the subject may be. but in this case, i am afraid i have to agree with his observation. the folks backing terri are ill served by the clowns the media interviews on location. i keep hearing banjos for some reason, and dammit, that looks like a snake wiggling under that dude's jacket.


Blogger Vigilis said...

Your position on Schiavo is totally acceptable and repected. We really do not know if Michael S. has acted in good faith and must not judge him beyond his poor choice of lawyers. If his lawyer's firm also turns out to be his book agent (broker the $-Million deal), however, there may be a legitimate question for some daughters: Would you trust such a man enough to marry him? In my opinion, this is more of a character concern then the moral issue portrayed by the media.

3/30/05, 7:28 PM  
Blogger Gus Van Horn said...


Thanks for the referral and for the kind words!

-- Gus

3/31/05, 7:58 AM  

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