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Thursday, June 23, 2005

i've had to do this before.

America, I'm sorry. Really, really, really sorry. i know i've apologized before, but it looks like it's time to do so again. America, i'm sorry that the tunnel visioned loons of my state of kahleefornia elected nancy pelosi to any sort of public office, much less a representative to the august body that makes laws for our entire nation. i'm sorry. i'd also like to apologize, just for general purposes, for babs boxer, and di fienstein. babs because she's a moonbat of limitless proportion, and difi because she's so rabidly anti-2nd amendment. actually, of the three, difi is the closest to a thinking rational being. kind of makes you understand why i'm apologizing, eh?
again, sorry.
and i wonder what my buddy SSGT. mikey thinks about the war being over in the land of hadji? i'm sure he'd be glad to hear it, as long as they tell him when he's on an airplane back to his wife in aviano.
sorry. sorry.
no really, sorry.


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