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Thursday, July 28, 2005

and some well written stuff out there

And so the enemy plays a game of fire and flee, hauling the mortars around town, setting up the tubes (or rockets), firing a few shots, and moving out quickly. To buy a little more insurance, the enemy often picks a POO close to a school or a mosque, knowing that Americans will be reluctant to shoot at schools, and usually will not fire at mosques. In fact, mosques are off-limits without higher approval unless you are clearly taking fire from them. But this isn’t a case of giving the enemy a safe haven for launching bombs at our soldiers. Insurgents have learned the hard way that higher approval is not a high hurdle when the same mosque is used for a shield more than once. If a man does not respect his own sacred ground, he should not expect others to. A man should never hide behind religion like he’s hiding behind his momma’s leg.

exerpted from Micheal Yon's post on 7/21/05.

i'd heard about this guy, but hadn't taken the time to investigate. this is some good stuff. he's now linked, and i don't link just anybody. unless you're a bud, or a bubblehead. then i link with abandon. otherwise, you have to impress the crap out of me. he did.


Blogger Macbeau said...

Good stuff and I am honored to be among your links. Thanks!

7/29/05, 7:46 AM  

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