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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

you CANNOT make stuff like this up

you just can't. not unless you are a pro writer for some of the edgier comedy shows like Dave Chappelle.
what am i talking about? well, read it here.
i'm trying to figure out if this is simply a case of stupidity (as in: WTF were you thinking?) or a case of racial insensitivity. in either case, they all need a "whoa, hold on there partner" minute to get their collective act together.

and WTF is this "ghetto style" they are trying to celebrate? isn't that like celebrating your coming in next to the last in the Special Olympics, and you have no disabilities? you know, you don't even have the distinction of coming in last, which could give you some sort of bragging rights? celebrating a culture that lionizes drug dealers and the "pimping life" seems diametrically opposed to something the local government ought to be sponsering. but since this is in miami, home of the blue hair liberals, i don't know why i'm surprised.


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