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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

7 dec

one of the defining moments in our modern history in this country was how the United States reacted to the attack of Pearl Harbor. the entire country mobilized, with the citizens taking on a war footing and doing without many rationed items needed for the war effort.
another defining moment occured almost 60 years later. more people died, and with the exception of those killed in the pentagon, all were civilians. how did we react? with stunned surprise, a sudden upswelling of patriotism, and then what?
our military did the task it was assigned, taking out the taliban and subsequently madman hussein. and what have we, the people of the U.S. done? from my chair, it looks like there is a large group of folks in this country actively engaged in helping defeat US! and have there been any sacrifices? starbucks is doing as good or better than it was on 10sep2001. sometimes i'm ashamed to be associated with this group called "americans".
fight them on their lands. kill them on their lands. destroy each and every one of them if that is what it takes to insure my kids and grandkids won't be ducking through doors and worriedly scanning the lady wearing a big coat, looking for that dead man's switch indicating a bomber.
and never forget, when america REALLY gets into war mode, there is no such thing as defeat.


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