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Saturday, August 05, 2006

naked as a jaybird

that's my grandkids, not their round balding poppa. i was tinkering with the sprinkler setup last night, and screwed up by setting the back sprinklers to come on at 4PM instead of 4AM. of course, it wouldn't have been a problem if those damned manufacturers used real time (i.e. 0400 and 1600). i wouldn't have screwed up then. anyway, 1730 rolls around, and the third sprinkler on the program kicks on in the middle of the back yard.
you guessed it. the next thing i know, i hear the munchkins laughing and giggling like crazy. i look out the window, and there they are, naked as jaybirds, playing in the sprinkler. i thought about taking pictures, but i'd probably be tossed in jail for child endangerment or worse.
i wish i as 3 again sometimes.

oh, and my 6 ounces of anise oil (the good stuff) finally got here from King Arthur Flour. i love the catalog, and the products are top notch.
anyway, why does anyone care that my anise oil is here? well, it's a primary ingredient for my wife's montecao cookies, and more importantly, my springerle cookies. this year's batch will be made in honor of one of our very best friends who passed away last week. she gave me her mom's springerle roller last year. it's the one on the right in the picture here. every time i make or eat sprinerle from now on, at least one batch will be from Karin's roller, and every time i smell anise, it will remind me of that crazy, fun lady. she loved my springerle cookies. happy trails friend.


Blogger jeffox said...

Kids? Sprinklers? Good, clean fun. :) Thanks for the post, Bo.

8/6/06, 9:15 PM  

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