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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Road trip to Austin: any recommendations?

i'm heading to Austin TX to attend a conference in mid september. hopefully, i'll be able to take the wife, because neither of us have ever been there. so, it's a 4 night, 4 day trip, in on a monday night, out friday afternoon.
anybody out there know anything about austin? what's cool to do, see, eat, etc?


Blogger jeffox said...

I lived in Converse, a San Antonio suburb, back in the mid-80s, when I first got out of the Navy, Bo. On your way to Austin, just a few hours to the west, lies hill country. Gorgeous, imo; Fredricksburg is one place I can recommend checking out, if you have the time. Also, just south of Austin on I-35, is New Branfels, home of a huge waterpark called Schlitterbahn. Nothing like having a cold Lone Star while sitting chest-deep in a pool. Enjoy!

8/8/06, 8:30 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

we'll be flying in late monday evening, and out late friday afternoon, so i'm going to try to limit my excursions to the austin area. thanks though. i've travelled through texas, but it was years ago, and all i remember is hitting a swarm of grasshoppers/locusts while riding my motorcycle at warp speed. what a mess. and those little bastids hurt when there is a velocity differential exceeding 70 mph

8/8/06, 9:03 PM  
Anonymous mlmtbm said...

Try County Line BBQ was great when i went last winter

8/9/06, 11:26 PM  

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