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Friday, July 06, 2007

another bubblehead blogging

found him today. huh, hiding out there in buffalo, didn't think we'd find him. only problem is, he used the phrase "reactor scram, rig ship for reduced electrical". cool what you can find if you use the right search words in dogpile....
so head on over and say howdy to brisket for chucklehead, a boat sailor turned engineer turned grilling fool. recipes. i want recipes, darn it!



Blogger LC Scotty said...

Hey, how's it going? Thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you and all that. I've seen Ultraquiet a couple of times, and of course "Stupid Shall be Punished". Love them both. I've also emailed back and forth with Cookie a couple of times. We bumped into each other over at the Rott (Anti-Idiotarian Rottwieller-if you're not familiar, check him out.) or at Sig-94. Real nice guy, that Cookie.

I got a nice chuckle seeing what your cartoon header was-That guy Muir is funny.

A few of my old M-div buddies actually tracked me down via the blog. I'll have to add a submariner catagory to the blogroll.

Take care, looking forward to reading you.


7/6/07, 11:48 AM  

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