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Thursday, June 14, 2007

a little blog links maintenance

i've been a bit slack in my blog linking updates, so here's the fix.
i added 3 new boats/boat dudes to the list. say howdy to the latest Nuke MM ELT found out there Torpedo in the water. for a nuke, that would be a turd in the toilet, but i won't tell our dirty little secrets to the world.....
and there there is the Midwatch Cowboy. i've had him bookmarked for quite a while, just forgot to add him to the list. hiya.
and then the Augusta boat has a blog up and running posted by alumni called interesting enough Augusta alumni news
i've also put the greatest submarine related animation since the Beatles did the Yellow Submarine. welcome to the Tube Daze blog. go, visit, follow the film links and watch from 1-12 and laugh your ass off.

i've also moved some guys up out of drydock, since they've begun posting again, and some down into drydock since there hasn't been a new post on their blogs for the last 6 months.
whew. maintenance done. time for a cold one!


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