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Thursday, May 03, 2007

your tax dollars at work

by now, i'm sure everyone has seen at least a couple of the tax dollars at work photos. you know, the yellow stripe painted over the dead 'possum in the middle of the street, the white lines painted over a dead armadillo, the road painters standing around a freshly painted "SHCOOL" stencil.
here's my addition to the lot. this is an intersection in Sacramento at Watt and Airbase Drive. i'll post all three signals, just for reference.
as always, click the image for a selection of sizes.
red 2

notice there is a ONE WAY sign on the far right pole. also notice that there is a TURN LANE sign, pointing in the opposite direction. and on the post the turn signs are on? a "BOTH DIRECTIONS" arrow on a big yellow sign. oh, and you can't turn left in the far right lane because the arrow is red, but does that mean you can go right without slowing down?

yellow 2

now, are you confused yet? look at the yellow arrows. there are three signals. then look at the signs. there are two of them. which way are you supposed to go?

green 2

and the best for last. now we have three lanes, all going in the wrong direction. the far left one giving permission to go straight into the wall is the best yet.

yup, your tax dollars at work. perhaps the city hired dyslexics as a means of satisfying some EEO quota.
these photos were taken today at 1130.

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