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Monday, December 17, 2007

something to think about... Run TO the sound of gunfire

i bought a stack of AGI's gunsmithing courses on DVD for all the firearms i own, that they make a course for.
their product is simple, straightforward, and informative courses on working on various firearms. most require at least some semblance of mechanical aptitude, but you do not need to be a machinist to appreciate most of these courses. of course, if you want to work your way from duffer like me to master gunsmith, you can do that too.
i've lightened the trigger and smoothed it out to a perfect glass rod snap, no creep pull on my S&W revolvers (all of them). i've tuned a browning hi-power, and overhauled a 45 or two. good stuff.
since they are based out of a building about 2 miles from where i lived for 10 years, i feel some attachment.
the president of the company sends out a newsletter every month, and i look forward to reading about new courses available and his reviews and thoughts on all manner of gun issues. what's really cool is that he's started a blog. here's a taste:
In spite of the tragedy of lives lost and the after action trauma this woman will most likely face, there is some small good that can come out of this awful situation and that is this; because of this brave woman’s example we have an opportunity to Re-train at least some of the American population about How to react in a situation like this and how NOT to simply be Victims.

I have spent much of the last 27 years as a Professional Security Consultant, bodyguard, Firearms Instructor and served a brief stint in law enforcement. Much of my training came from Israel where a totally different mind set is prevalent. There, in the face of an attack you are trained to DO SOMETHING. Often Anything is better then nothing.

Almost all of the recent attacks have been perpetrated by a single gunman. And, while the thought of attacking a shooter while unarmed is daunting, it may be the only road to survival.

interested in gun stuff? check out AGI's Blog.



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