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Saturday, May 03, 2008

elegant solution

i love to grill. scattered throughout the Recipes List are many examples of that.
so while i was making skewered meat and veggies on the old kettle grill, i kept bitching to myself about how nothing fit, i had to burn my hands to turn things over, blah blah blah. usually i'm a happy camper while cooking, but for some reason doing kabobs that day wasn't happening for me.
fast forward. gazing off into the blue glow, i had a idea. make a kabob grill!

a brake drum, a chunk of pipe, some scrap plate and rebar, with a little perf plate and viola!

click to see in all it's goodness!
kabob grill1
kabob grill2

about 30 inches long, 4 inches deep, 8 inches wide, notched to hold skewers, with a grill to put on if i want to use it for flash grilling non skewered items.

Thanks to my bud Rich for taking my idea and turning it into a reality.


Blogger reddog said...

I got a hibachi, a gas grill, a turkey fryer and a smoker. I would love to have a kabober but I have too much stuff. Same with my kitchen. I have so many gadgets, there's hardly room to cook.

5/3/08, 5:23 PM  
Blogger reddog said...

You know what I'd like Bo? One of those vertical rotiseries that they use for schwarma and a Tandoori clay oven.

If there was a retirement community with huge, communal, gourmet kitchens, I'd sign up. Fuck Golf.

5/3/08, 5:36 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

i'm not really worried about outdoor space at this point. i built a BIG bbq area (seen in this set on flickr)but i know what you mean. and if i had a choice between cooking and golfing, cooking would win hands down. i'm a whole lot better swinging a knife than i am swinging a 3 iron!

5/4/08, 12:43 AM  

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