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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

whine, whine, snivel, whine

great. if you are a denizen of the great state of kahleeforia, and are a working, productive member of society, rather than on some sort of state assistance, guess what?
starting 1NOV09, the state is going to take out 10% more taxes. oh, they haven't raised taxes. oh no, they wouldn't do that in this climate of joblessness and economic downturn. they wouldn't raise taxes. this is just a way to get more money into the state faster, but they promise to pay it back at tax return time. yeah, like last year, they paid back with vouchers to many. top that with my furlough (yeah, i'm a tax eater, i work for a state funded organization), this looks like i'm taking an 18% paycut. add that to the fact that our workload is increasing, but they can't afford to hire any new full time employees, and it looks to be shaping up to one hell of a year.



Blogger reddog said...

Your conception of this is not clear.

They are going to take out 10%, which is the maximum State income tax rate, from everyone's paycheck. If your rate is less than that, you will get the money back at the end of the year.

I personally don't have a problem with this. I'm already in the 10% bracket, plus I always have additional income to report. I'll still owe them money. For low income wage earners, who need every cent they make to take care of their families, this is a burden because 10% of their income will effectively be held in escrow until as long as April of the following year. Also, this is punitive to transient laborers, most of whom never file tax returns. The government just confiscates whatever is withheld from their checks. Leave it to Republicans, to figure out a way to steal from the poorest and most defenseless segment of the population.

Arnold is a total sprat. Steroids have shrunk his penis and fried his brain. His wife is a deranged red freak. I liked Gray Davis a lot better. He was a nice gay boy devoted to his mother and State service. We'll see if Meg Whitman will be any better. Maybe we can all bid on the government services we want over the internet.

11/18/09, 6:10 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

i hope you are right about only going up to 10% wick, but here is the payroll letter i received today at work:
"As a result of the changes to California State Tax Law, the amount of state income tax withheld from each employee's paycheck will increase 10 percent effective November 1, 2009. The new law (ABX4 17) accelerates state income tax withholding so that more is withheld from each paycheck. This is not a tax increase. It is an effort by the state to bring in cash more quickly to address the state's budget shortage. Your state income tax bill will not increase, and the amount owed/refunded at tax time in April 2010 will be adjusted accordingly."
so as i read it, my witholdings "will increase 10%".
sux. but i think i'm already at the max too, so if what you say is correct, it shouldn't hurt me.
regarding transients, most of them claim outrageous numbers of dependants so they don't have taxes withheld. they still use services. and the "transient" can be interpreted as "illegal" in most instances.
i know they are going to pay back the extra witholdings, but looking at the track record from last year, well, fill in the blank with your own opinions.
oh, and isn't this controlled by the state legislature? aren't they predominantly dem, not repub?

11/18/09, 8:08 PM  

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