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Friday, March 19, 2010

Random musings

random thought #1: i got a great offer to do a little motorcycle jaunt from kahleefornia to missouri to attend the seawolf reunion in october. can't do it due to work, but it HAS been forever since i took a long (multiple day) bike trip. kinda makes my butt tingle a little thinking about it. is that a good thing?

random thought #2: sure seems that there are a lot of unhappy people wandering around, clutching crumbled sheets of paper muttering "damned georgetown." heh.

random thought #3: beautiful weather today. high 70's, very light breeze, and the grass was freshly mowed at the range today. lousy shooting on my part, but the old fishing saying goes double for shooting....a bad day at the range is better than a good day at work. i had the shakes for some reason, and that 3" metal target i was aiming at on the 50 yard range was pretty safe. oh well, there's always the next time!

random thought #4: london style fish and chips at the local Tug Boat eatery are a great friday evening dinner. don't be shy about splashing on the malt vinegar!



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