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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

hooray for cable tv

so, there are a few truths about me. one of them is that i hate television, in a knee jerk way. there are shows i enjoy, but i can't stand the incessant commercials, often time taking 8 minutes at a whack. so i'm not usually forthright in support of television. but tonight, i have to say... HOORAY for CABLE TV. if it hadn't been for cable, i wouldn't have been able to watch the two speeches given today (hey, i haven't gone to bed yet, so it's still monday to me). i thought that senator mccain gave a very good speech. he had a problem talking over the crowd's approval, but he didn't have any trouble at all taking a very well aimed and delivered shot at that sack of guts moore, who was sitting in the press box by the way, and that excorable polemic of misrepresentation, innuendo and lies. and rudy, well, that guy did an outstanding job. i listened to his speech twice. ah the miracles of modern tv.

i feel kind of bad. well, not really, but i am trying to put a good face on it. i've been growing weary of the nonstop partisan harping, yelling, and general tenor of the politics of those on the opposite side of the rail from me. so i decided to try to keep my big mouth shut for a while, and not add to the white noise that surrounds the majority of political rhetoric until i had something of my own to add, rather than simply parroting the same thing everyone else was. i am now adding my two cents, based solely on my observations and opinion devoid of any input from talking heads.

mccain made a pretty low profile presentation right up to the end of his speech. he talked about unity, and the need to look not just at today, but next week, month, year, and beyond. he made the case, quite well i must say, for attacking iraq, and he also used the democrat's own ideals and speeches in an effective way to show that there really is one america. he also made the case that because we are one america, the folks out there protesting the course of the current administration best get with it, since there will be no differentiation between the "us" and "them" of politics when the terrorists strike next. he also made a good case against appeasement... and in one thing that really surprised me, he used the word love several times. as in, love will overcome hate, stuff like that. then he fleshed out the comment by explaining love of country and freedom will overcome hate for hatred's sake. very effective, but who was he trying to reach, teenage voters that haven't made up their minds yet? must be the nihilist buried deep down peeking out of my psyche.

and rudy.. dayam that dude killed 'em tonight. he took everyone back to those dark hours after the WTC attacks, and told how the prez helped. and he talked about how bush responded to the new yorkers, and how the whole country responded. he kept it moving, joking here and there, and then taking a sharp stick and jammed it directly into kerry's eye. rudy said out loud, for the whole world to hear, what most of us on my side of the fence have been saying to all that will listen...kerry cannot be entrusted with the future and the defense of this country. we need a strong leader that will stay on the job, decisive when needed, but always on topic. i loved the line that after looking at kerry's voting flops, edwards' confusion about there really being two americas was explainable. and that they would need two americas, so kerry could vote one way in the first, then turn around and vote the opposite way in the other. great theater, and great delivery of a great line. go rudy! if cheney drops for whatever reason, we would be well served to consider rudy as a suitable reliever.

ok, down under until something sparks me. i wonder how long i'll be able to stay civil, and not revert to my true colors and attack mode. we'll see. interesting experiment. too bad there weren't enough others on both sides trying it. might make this a more civil and civilized election. naaaah.


Blogger Edvardicus said...

Stick to the non political stuff, It makes your blog more interesting.

8/31/04, 6:40 AM  

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