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Saturday, August 28, 2004

the next installment of alaska trip pix

oh, i know it would be better to put these in a photo album and invite you to come look at them. easier on the bandwidth challenged, if nothing else. well, i could, but then it may be sometime after the next forever before i got around to editing the pix to make them small enough to view and captioning, etc. so i'm doing them in dribs and drabs. hope you don't mind. after all, this is an ego-centric exercise here anyway!

and as always, if you want to see a higher resolution/bigger version of the picture, click away and you will be swept thru the magic of the internet to a bigger pic.

this totem pole in ketchikan was pretty neat. they have a plaque next to it explaning the thing. i also took this as an 8 pix panoramic shot, and the program welded it together seamlessly. may have to find a place to host that picture, since the photobucket folks trim at 250k. i'm going to have it printed on 10x18 photo paper, it's that good.

this is just inside the entrance to the tracy arm fjord. this channel was carved out by glacial action, and is at places over 1000 feet deep, near the edges!!! and several thousand feet deep in the center of the channel. now that was a lot of ice. all along the route to the glacier at the head of the fjord you can see ice floes, their evidence of passage, or waterfalls. it was about 6 in the morning when we turned into the passage, and this was taken about 5 minutes later.

this is just one of the glaciers feeding into the tracy arm fjord. the further in we went along the channel, the colder it got. there was probably a 20 or 30 degree F temperature change from the open ocean to the glacier face. This ice field covers the side of the fjord from near the water to over 1000 feet in elevation, with the field thickness about 50 to 150 feet thick. as you can see, it's just around sunrise in the fjord. great picture even if i do say so myself.


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