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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

iran, and why we didn't need to go there

ok, please take this for what it's worth, but it looks like iran is collapsing around the mullah's ears. this was anticipated as far back a 5 years ago. i can recall reading a (much maligned) analysis by someone regarding iran. he stated that the mullah's, who are increasingly wealthy, and increasingly out of their minds with this whole ruling with an iron fist thing, were going to get tossed by the younger generation. these young folks are subjected to restrictive islamic imposed laws that chafe and wear at their desires for freedom. so it looks like it may be happening now. i have to believe that the thought of a free iraq had to spark this in some way. here's to the youngsters. all the luck in your struggles to be free of the domination imposed by this dark and (can it say it?) satanic religion, as exercised by the ruling elite in iran.


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