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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

so, what did you do this weekend?

i know it's tuesday already, but for me, it's still monday evening after work. so, what did you do this weekend that was fun? i know that some folks were hunkered down with a big ass storm dumping on them. not me. i had beautiful clear skies, and balmy weather. saturday was a total kick back, not do a damned thing kind of day. i need one of those occasionally just to recharge. sunday was looking to be another one, but i was feeling a little restless. my better half got me thinking along the lines of a ferry ride to san francisco, and i invited edwardo (that would be the dude that cancels out my vote this november) and his loverly lady the matchmaker. if my wife ever gets tired of my crap, poor golden is the one that will have to bear the brunt of blame, since she's the one that arranged our first meeting.
so, on a spur of the moment thing, we blast off down to vallejo to catch the ferry to san francisco. it was so nice out, the wind barely wafting along, that even at 35 or 40 knots, on the bay, you didn't need a jacket to stand on the deck and let the wind mess your hair.
we got off at the san francisco ferry building. boy, if you live in the bay area, and haven't had a chance to check out the renovation in the ferry building, you really should. all kinds of cool shops and restaurants. of course, the place i really liked the most was sur la table, because i am an undiscovered great chef (even if it's in my own mind).
anyway, after wandering around the ferry terminal, we hiked the mile or two down the embarcadero to my favorite restaurant in san francisco Scoma's. i make it a point to go there at least once a year if for no other reason than their Lazy Man's Cioppino. oh man, i can't even describe it, other than it is more than worth the hit to the wallet. it's so good, i have even dreamed of it on occasion. that's when i know it's time to make another pilgrimage. and of course, it is illegal to drink anything other than Anchor Steam Beer when eating chioppino in san francisco. so i had two, just to make sure i was well within the bounds of epicurian rules. mmmmm, anchor steam beer.
after dinner, we decided to ride the electric trolley back to the terminal. note to self: don't bother with the trolley next time. way way too crowded, and it took longer between the wait and the ride than it would have been just walking back. but, it was part of the days adventure, and that counts for something. a bombay sapphire martini at the slanted door finished off the great day in the city. the ride back on the ferry was quick, and our day's adventure ended with a drive home from vallejo to napa. all in all, a great day and a great way to spend time with friends and loved ones.


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