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Saturday, September 25, 2004

i'm so lucky.

do you live in one of the world's premier tourist destinations? i do. i'm so lucky. i never forget how cool it is just to live in the napa valley. i ignore all of the touristy stuff, but it is almost impossible to ignore the fact that i live in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. we have wonderful weather, wineries are a wall to wall business presence, and the culture is effete farm chic, well, ok, that's not so cool, but this place is just a special place to live. my drive home from work tonight prompted this. it was pretty damned warm in sacramento, but by the time i hit the valley, the air had cooled to a clean crisp snap. there's a winery in jamison canyon, and the smell of the grape crush and early fermentation of the whites and reds filled the air with perfume heavy with fruit, musty and acidic, with that aftertaste of wine on your taste buds.
i really am going to miss this place when i move. it won't be but 25 miles. 25 miles and an entirely different cultural setting. from wine farmers that get paid too damned much for their crops to cow town. it will be interesting.


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