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Saturday, September 25, 2004

this morning's news commentary

david brooks of the nyt has expressed the frustration many of us feel towards the tragedy in the sudan. he also points out, with great skill, the fallacies of relying on the UN for any sort of international leadership. kerry wants to turn iraq over to the un, if you listen to his speeches. quagmire? hell, this would be a freaking disaster.

A quote from a military officer in the wsj opinion journal online : In Indian Country, as one general officer told me, "you want to whack bad guys quietly and cover your tracks with humanitarian-aid projects."
great quote. interesting article too, by the way

and here is a little tidbit gleaned from the washington times regarding various absence levels triggering citations for parents with kids missing school. now here comes the rant. since the beginning of the school year, the wash d.c. school officials have issues 765 truancy notifications. think about this for a moment. that represents 765 students that have at least 5 unexcused absences per quarter. so a student could skip 20 days of school a year, with no response or notification to the parent. no wonder kids nowadays seem to have a hard time getting the grades to get into university. the university of california system is considering a shift in gpa from 2.8 to 3.0 for minimum grades for admittance beginning in 2007. my my the howling and caterwauling has been poisonous. i get to see a little more of this issue, working for the university. the simple, basic remedy for not having a gpa good enough? STUDY HARDER! it doesn't go into affect until 2007. go to school every day, do your homework. seems pretty simple to me. and if you can't, then you probably don't belong in the university system. perhaps a stint in the junior colleges will get you tuned.
oh, where was i. oh, washington dc schools issuing citations. if you read the article, it's written and worded to make it sound like the school's administration is aggressively working on the problem. it's worded to make it sound like parents are jailed, neighborhoods are cleaned up, and the sun will shine all day, now that the school administration has embarked on this program. i'm sorry, but notifying the parent(s) that little joey missed 5 days of school this quarter is not aggressive. now chicago is beginning to jail truant's parents. Thats aggressive.


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