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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

scamming the scammers

i've heard of this done by others, but this is too damned funny. quoting from myron at rontini's sub board

An article in today's Houston Chronicle about a guy with a weird sense of humor. Go to his web site at the link in the article linked below to read some of his responses to the scammers. His characters are great. Gertrude P. Smith of the Beaumont Knitting Guild, Billy Bob Jones the Texas goat rancher, Jim Basdrop the largest weapons & computer dealer around in the central Texas area for the past 34 years, Priest Jobu the Haitian Voodoo Priest in Rattlesnake Butte, TX. Well, you get the idea.

and the link is at the houston chronicle
follow the link imbedded in the news article to go to the web site and laugh your kiester off. this is some funny stuff.


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