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Thursday, September 30, 2004

a tidbit of info about the nytimes lawsuit

i find it beyond bewildering how the NYTimes could be fighting so diligently to maintain it's phone records private and out of the hands of the feds. the feds are investigating who may have passed information to one of their reporters, who then tipped off an islamic "charity" that the feds were coming, the feds were coming. isn't the nytimes the same organ (yes, i selected that word most carefully) that is so fired up over the wilson/plame issue and the reporter novak? hmmmm, i think this has some serious odors of hypocracy, not to mention a total lack of responsibility. the nypost has a great op-ed about this apparent conundrum. the times, the management, and a majority of it's writers are being diminished daily by the continued 5th column type of activity noted on an almost daily basis. long gone are the days of the grey lady being america's newspaper of record. it's becoming little better than the weekly world news. i'm expecting to see a picture of an alien with the headline "aliens raped my electric broom. now it's too afraid to come out of the closet", which WAS a headline a number of years ago in the weekly world news.


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