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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Judenhass, a different look at anti-semitism

i'm white bread, plain vanilla, euro-mutt, with just the slightest possibility of amerind mixed into the blend (my great grandfather was a "train orphan"), so what was in his contribution to the gene pool is purely a matter of speculation. he made it as far west as spokane washington before a family took him in. hell, i'm probably at least as much amerind as ward churchill.
so what i am trying to say is that i am the prototypical american, basically rootless compared to most europeans. i am an american. my language, history, morals, values, and attitudes are american, through and through. i won't say regionally american, because i've been all over, and lived in quite a few of the regions in this country. one of the things i've never understood, and perhaps it's because of all the people i was exposed to as a youngster, is bigotry. i don't care what flavor, i just don't get it. and one of the biggest puzzles to me is hate directed towards jews, especially the flavor of hate some of my relatives in germany probably exhibited during the last century. maybe i'm just too stupid to see what it is that brings these feelings out, but it's so foreign to me that i need help understanding. i've made it to 50, and i still don't get it.
you would think that given the history of western civilization, if any group would be venerated, it would be the jews. look at the last century as an example. what is the percentage of nobel laureates that are of jewish descent? i saw a list some time ago, and can't find it now, but the list of jews is practically the whole list.
why the blog? Photios posted something that you should read. i did, and it triggered a WTF in my head that i just had to get down and publish.


Blogger Photios said...

Whatever I can do to help, brother. I see all the time and it always pegs my WTF meter too.


4/5/05, 9:20 PM  

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