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Friday, March 11, 2005

one close to WillyShakes' heart

willyshakes, over at unconsidered trifles and i have bandied about the culture of insanity found at many universities. we've all heard that our buddy ward churchill from colorado is a weasel, one of the poster children for what david horowitz at FrontPageMag.com calls the intellectual corruption of america's campi (that's the plural, right?) by the far left loonies. frontpagemag has explored this issue at great length for several years, and have pioneered the fight for intellectual freedom at our schools of higher learning. an example would be the symposium they held and reported on regarding the ward churchills of academia.

and with all of the disclosures about churchill ranging from his purported plagiarism of art work to his comments about the victims of the 911 WTC disaster as "little eichmann's", churchill has become a lightning rod for the right's dismay and disgust with academia and the folks running the show all across our land. and now, new disclosures about the non-native american claiming to be one:
University of Colorado officials investigating embattled professor Ward Churchill received documents this week purporting to show that he plagiarism another professor's work.Officials at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia sent CU an internal 1997 report detailing allegations about an article Churchill wrote.

this latest tidbit was found while perusing Rocky Mountain News, which i check out every once in a while since HST capped himself. how in the world can anyone defend this bozo? i am all for free speech, but i'm also all for personal responsibility, and intellectual honesty. THIS dweeb exercises one, and is completely lacking in the other.
time for a really really big broom to sweep out the hallowed halls of learning, and return those institutions to the job they were built for: teaching our children, educating them, not politically brainwashing them. faaah, it just pisses me off when i think about the crap our kids are subjected to in college. don't even get me started on personal anecdotes from MY time in school, or stories from my kids. intellectual freedom, espoused but far from practiced.


Blogger edieraye said...

And I worry about the opposite with my nieces and nephews. They have all chosen institutions of higher learning that closely mirror their own beliefs. Part of the college experience is hearing someone in authority talk intellectually and persuasively and suddenly realizing that while it sounds good it is in fact utter nonsense.

My two cents but it is early on a Saturday morning and I'm still in the middle of my first cup of tea so probably not worth even that :)

3/12/05, 6:41 AM  

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