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Thursday, March 10, 2005

cool. more submariner bloggers

welcome to the blogosphere! my amigo the idaho bubblehead introduces a couple of more bloggers to the fold. and i must say that it's good to see the "former" NavET got a blog! so say howdy to hundreds of fathoms and the molten eagle. hail fellows, and well met.
damn, if more boat sailors take the plunge, i may have to open a new blogger acct just to track them all in the links section!
very, very cool. we are starting to become our own community out here in cyberland. of course, we all owe homage to Ron Martini, who started a submariner's bulletin board a long time ago. there was a time when i started reading and posting there that a message would stay on the front page for weeks. now it's more like hours.
submarines once, submarines twice, holy jum... oh, sorry joel. i forgot.


Blogger Bubblehead said...

That's OK, bo... if they want to know the words, all they have to do is enlist, volunteer for subs, and get their dolphins...

3/11/05, 8:56 PM  

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