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Friday, March 11, 2005

amazing sound files of submarines and sonar

i was banging around martini's submarine bbs, and found this site that has sound files from the 60's, recorded on passive sonar. one of the coolest, besides the biologics they recorded was of a diving submarine. takes me back. i can feel the deck tilting beneath my feet when listening to this file. sorry, but all the files on this site were done in real audio. not my fault, it's just the way it is.

and to really get the goose bumps fired up, listen to the recorded attacks on japanese shipping by the uss sealion. i used headphones, and twiddled with the graphic equalizer on the sound card to clean it up, because a lot of the recording is garbled.
what i'd like to point out about the attack tapes is just how much information and communications passes back and forth around the attack officer (in this case the skipper). how all the information is assimilated and utilized, all the while in a major high stress evolution like attacking a combined flotilla of several main battle ships and a handful of destroyers... well, listen to the recording, and marvel at the professionalism and determination of the crew on sealion. simply amazing.


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