Thursday, May 05, 2005

one of my old time heros has died

David Hackworth, soldier, author, journalist, and lately an embarrassment, has died. he seemed so vital that it's hard to believe he was so sick. i have been a hack fan for many years, reading everything in print by the guy i could get my hands on. i was one of the original subscribers to soldiers for truth, when it was HIS newsletter, and not one fronted by him. the last couple of years have been a real dissappointment to me, because he looked like he was joining the ranks of moonbats that flit and shit all over the military. i know his heart was always with the line dogs, but his agenda, and that of the folks he gathered around himself...well, i have to say i've had some serious reservations about praising the dude lately. that does not in any way lessen the the almost reverential hero worship i've had towards him for the last 20-25 years. i'm sad he is gone. we all pass through this life with a death sentence, but somehow i figured he had a couple more years to live.

skippy-san has a good post here. thanks for letting me know skip. i guess i'll have to turn on the idiot box and find out what's what.

here's a great post by blackfive

an archive of his latest columns for the world net daily.


Blogger Vigilis said...

For those of us in his era, there was none more sympatico than this icon!

5/9/05, 4:57 PM  

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