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Saturday, September 08, 2007

yeah, what the commander said

everyone around me is getting tired of my ranting about how i think the leaders of the at least one of the political parties in this country should be tried for treason and sedition. but enough of how i feel.
check out what the commander and Marco say about things.

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Blogger reddog said...

Has all that radiation rotted your brain?

I've met several young people in my area, some at work, some socially, who are in the Reserves and have been in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan, for the last four years. It's not like it was when we were in.

Everybody wants to know them and hear about their experiences. The best and highest paying jobs are theirs for the asking. Members of the opposite sex seek them out for immoral activities.

I'm not saying they are having an easy time over there but back here is a different story. More power to them.

9/9/07, 3:38 AM  

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