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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a beautiful summer dinner

i knew i was going to be playing bachelor for dinner tonight. di went with her mom for the day, and won't be back until late. so what's an enterprising and hungry man do?
stop at his favorite local produce market, that's what.
you big city types that wow and brag about how fresh produce is at various venues have a lot to learn about fresh. if i grew it myself is the only way to get any fresher. my fruit stand/produce market sits square in the middle of one of the most fertile areas in the world, with one of the most hospitable growing climates imaginable. this place does so much business that the turnover dictates that the evening's items were picked today. that fresh.
so i picked up some corn, a green mango variety i've never tried before, some still warm from the trees white nectarines from the grove about a 1/2 mile away, and some other staples like chipotle hot sauce.
dinner: 3 ears of very fresh sweet corn, butter, coarsely ground sea salt, a surprisingly sweet and wonderful green mango, and a to die for ripe and luscious white nectarine.
if i was a 10th grader writing a back to school english essay on why i love summer it would have at least one paragraph similar to this:
"I love the summer. Not just because I can run around in shorts, swim in the lake, or stand around the bbq kettle while the steaks grill. I love the summer because the sweet corn grows tall and juicy, the stone fruit trees ripen and yield their crop of dazzling beauties. I love the warm breezes that blow through the orchards and pick up the heady perfume of ripening peaches, scenting the evening with a rare and non-purchasable incense. I love the drone of the honey bees, flying in search of their next burden of pollen. The late evenings on the new back patio, enjoying a cold beverage, discussing the day's events with my lady love. These are some of the reasons why I love summer."
so here are a few pictures. as always, click for a choice of larger images.
summer dinner

This was taken using only natural light filtering in through my light tube sky lite at 6 in the evening. another reason why i love summer!
cobbled road to heaven

fooling around with camera settings and working on some macro techniques. i like that you can see the melted butter and sea salt on the kernels.

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Blogger bhd said...


We had some "imported" corn (yeah, it won't grow up here) the first night n4ku and AliGator were here (they still are) but we finished it on the grill to give it some better flavor. Okay, but not like the Sweet Jersey Corn I could get picked that afternoon back in New Joy Sea.


It's not enough to make me leave here, though.

8/21/07, 7:01 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

you've got the A's visiting? lucky you, lucky them!
there's something almost magical about field fresh sweet corn. it's like my mom used to tell us: when her mom sent her to get a can of vegetables, it was always corn. it wasn't until she was 9 or so that she figured out there were other veggies available.
she passed that on to us kids.

8/21/07, 7:13 PM  
Blogger rebecca said...

just wanted to say from your post on bhd's blog under crocs: i really enjoyed meeting you in the SF RP meetup a few years back.


8/23/07, 4:02 PM  

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