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Thursday, August 09, 2007

the boycot of israeli universities, and my school's response

first of all, here it is, over three weeks since i last made an entry. it's not that i didn't and don't have anything to say. it's just that there are so many issues that have me so spun up that every time i sit down to blog, the only characters i end up typing look a lot like $*&)(#)@Q*#*&$%)@#_! so rather than just swear a ton, i gave it a pass.


one of the things that has really really chapped my hide this last week or so has been the move by "the new British University and College Union" to boycott israeli schools. this is an unadorned and undisguised attempt by the wackjobs in academia in britain to appease the growing islamoshitbag population in their country.
i'm proud of the 300+ signatories on an open letter published by the president of Columbia University calling on the U and C Union to also boycott their schools. there are several university of california campuses (campi ?) that participated by signing along with many other institutions of higher education throughout the U.S. one very glaring exception was my own campus. it's truly a sad day for those of us staff members that believe in the fundamentals of education and free thought. for shame.

for a copy of the NYT open letter, follow this link .

oh, and i promise, i'll be back.

i've been watching the site meter slowly climb to a milestone. i've had over 97000 visitiors with well over 133,000 page hits since i started using the counter. imagine that. i know there are sites out there that get that kind of traffic in hours, not over a couple of years, but still! hell, if i had anything of interest to say, i'd have gone over 100,000 in weeks, not years! thanks for visiting!

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Blogger jeffox said...

You have so much traffic because you take such nice photos, Bo. And because you're cool as hell, imo. :) Dead on regarding the boycotting issue. For whatever reason, limiting academia is not the choice to make. Even if there was a good reason to do so, there's always a better, alternative, solution. Not to mention the fact that it sends the wrong message, politically. My 2c; and thanx, Bo!

8/10/07, 11:29 AM  

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