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Monday, July 16, 2007

i want to live like an eco-celebrity too!

SondraK at Knowledge is Power says exactly what is on my mind regarding the whole eco-celeb issue. i know, gore and edwards have done more to destroy the environment in the last month than i have my entire life, but they are politicians. we expect our politicians to shit in our back yards, and then tax us to clean it up.
but the "eco-celebs"? they are just fookin' lame hypocrites.
a quote from the article SondraK tipped :

I have some sympathy for the concert organizers who, when confronted with inconvenient truths -- such as the fact that performers flew more than 400,000 carbon-belching kilometres to the various venues for a single day of performances -- gave a sort of you-have-to-break-some-eggs-to-make-omelettes response.

What I have real trouble with is preachy (and ill-informed) celebrities exhorting the rest of us to live like ecomonks in unlit, unheated sod hovels while they live the high life burning through more carbon-based fuels in a week than a platoon of army Humvees in a year.

I don't mind that Sir Gordon probably hopped a private jet after his concert Friday night at Chicago's Wrigley Field, so he could be at New Jersey's Giants Stadium in time for Saturday's "Concert for a Climate in Crisis."

What rankles more is that when it comes to driving ticket sales on his own tour -- when it comes to making Gordon Sumner money --he has no problem with hiring a fleet of big, diesel-powered, soot-spewing highway trucks to fill with such eco-necessities as 100,000-watt speakers.

go on, read the article for yourself. ask the same question i did.... do they really think we are THAT STUPID?

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Blogger reddog said...

I once commented over in Sondrakistan. Instead of simply deleting my comments, which apparently displeased her, she made malicious edits, which changed the content and coherency.

What a cringing ninny.

7/17/07, 4:44 PM  

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