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Monday, July 16, 2007

a nice way to blow a couple of hours: Ferry ride to San Francisco

As usual, click on picture for choice of sizes.

Di and i decided to play on Saturday. so we hopped the Vallejo ferry to San Francisco on the first boat out at 0830. it was a bit foggy, with the marine layer just starting to break up.
alcatraz in the fog
Alcatraz Island in the morning fog

when we arrived at the SF ferry terminal, the area was surrounded by a farmers market, with a big "arts and crafts" gathering across the street.
we headed up towards North Beach, and finally decided on Cafe Delucchi for breakfast.
a leisurely wander back to the ferry terminal gave us time to enjoy San Francisco's finest in street people, bums, crazies, and multitudes of tourists.
Back at the Ferry terminal, we moseyed around the various vendors outside. Di bought a couple of sets of origami crane earrings that i thought were damned clever and neat looking to boot. there are some smart and talented folks out there, and artists, while many are nuttier than a jar of nutella, tend to be some kind of hooked up to the universe's smarts jar.
one of the great things about this time of year is the stone fruits are ripening, and the klondike white peaches were/are succulent and delicious. we should have bought more than a small bag!
buying peaches

one of my favorite visuals at the farmers market was
dirty girl
now in san francisco, a relatively innocuous produce company name, albeit clever, can take on a whole range of meanings, almost all of them nasty!
we headed back on the 1410 (that's 2:10 PM for those of you that don't know how to tell time), and the ride was damned pleasant.
sf waterfront

this is probably my favorite shot of the trip, with the Golden Gate bridge peeping out of the fog above Raccoon Straits.
one of the things i wanted to accomplish on this little jaunt was to get a picture of my boat's old home at berth 18 and 19 on Mare Island. boy, does this place look different.
seawolfs old berth at MI

one of the great things about being an empty nester is that we can just jump at the spur of the moment and boogie off for a quick trip to play
here's a link to the flickr set for our day.

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Blogger Cookie..... said...

Nice pix amigo....glad ya enjoyed yurselves.....

7/17/07, 7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice pix, but my anxiety level went out of spec high looking at them; i could almost hear that bell orders -- "Maneuvering, Bridge, port ahead one third, starbord back two thirds... port ahead standard, back full--ALL BACK EMERGENCY!!!"

i have to barf now...


7/18/07, 3:05 AM  

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