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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My town, Vacaville California

i've lived in a lot of towns in my life. as both an army brat, a sailor, and now as a geezer, i've been around. one of the great things that has happened to me in the last three years is that my wife and i moved to Vacaville. this town has such a friendly small town feeling that it's hard to imagine living anywhere else. this place has a sense of community, a small town heart in a large town body. here are a few images from the last couple of days.
first, our town Christmas tree, right at the end of Buck Ave, in the heart of the old downtown.
vacaville 2007
vacaville tree 2007

and here are a few of the second floor windows at the local bike shop.
bike shop window
bike shop window II
bike shop window III
bike shop window IV
a patrolman was checking us out while i took the window pictures. i guess it's not really common for folks to be out and about well after dark taking pictures of local buildings. if you look around, you can probably spot a few hidden gems in your own town. these have been looking down onto the street for a few years. every town i've lived in has had something equally cool, squirreled away in plain sight.

and a little Christmas full moon for you viewing pleasure.
christmas moon II 2007
check this one out full sized. i like the effect of shooting through the trees in my back yard.

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Blogger reddog said...

I always liked the weather at Mare Island. I bet Vacaville, for all it's homey charm, is a bit colder in the Winter and a lot hotter in the Summer. Not for me.

Here is the true test of habitability. Will you retire there or wander on to more temperate climes?

12/26/07, 11:49 PM  
Blogger bothenook said...

to quote myself, in a comment made to my wife after we were all moved in: "the next time i move, it will be in a bag with a zipper up the front."
still stands

12/27/07, 7:46 AM  
Blogger Nereus said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the family. Looks like a great little town. Why in the world would you want to move in a garnment bag???? (Grin)


12/27/07, 11:19 AM  

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