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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Picked up my newest pistol tonight

the interminable 10 day waiting period is over! i went down the range and picked up the newest addition to my collection of .22 target pistols. these are not bullseye pistols, or major accuracy competition pistols. they are more "pretty accurate" plinkers rather than highly accurate target tuned competition pistols. for what i use them for, they are way way more accurate than i can usually shoot.
so i picked up the pistol, signed all the final signature blocks, and headed downstairs to the range built under the shop.

click for larger options
the left target is the first magazine, 10 rounds fired offhand from 7 1/2 yards, right out of the box after i tore it down, cleaned, lubricated, and inspected the pistol. the right target the last 20 rounds (2 magazines) of 100 fired this evening, shot offhand from 15 yards.
i think i'll like this just fine! this shoots pretty damned fine right out of the box. i'll probably tear it down, hone the trigger sear, and replace the trigger spring, firing pin (with titanium) and spring. i won't mess with it until it's been settled in with a bunch of ammo.

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