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Thursday, February 21, 2008

updating and shifting the bubblehead blogroll

it's time for a little maintenance on the links list. the bubblesphere bloggers that haven't posted in 6 months are getting moved down to the drydock, and a few new ones are being added.

first new addition is Bill's Vignettes an old bubblehead torpedoman who is now a Babtist minister. just shows that many of us continue on after life in the Navy to serve our country and fellow citizens in other ways. some go on to be firemen, cops, and even ministers.

and for some reason, i thought i'd already linked up Emergency Blow, but i didn't. fixed that!

another one i found has just migrated from blogspot to wordpress. meet The Good Donut, whose tagline is "The best donut is a free donut; the next best donut is… the next free donut". i can get behind that....

and one that isn't a submariner, but is still worthy of note. i found this blog some time ago, and posted a link, but failed to blogroll. i am now correcting this error. go visit The Sand Monkey. interesting perspective of life in Egypt.

and a bummer is that CeeBee a RN submariner looks like he's pulled his blog offline. bummer. Ceeb was a good guy, and has just finished a tour in the 'Stan as a medic type. Ceeb, here's hoping you resurface when all is well.



Blogger reddog said...

better check out beebsblog @ dbbeebs.blogspot.com, snipe.

Up your way, I think.

2/24/08, 10:53 AM  

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