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Friday, January 18, 2008

bubbleblogger roundup 1-18-08

yup, it's time for another spin around the world of submariner bloggers. these links do NOT point to all the interesting content my amigos have posted, just a taste to whet your appetite and send you off on an interesting journey.

first up, i'd like to introduce a couple of blogs i've stumbled across since my last update.
howdy to exurban league, who doesn't post much about submarining other than the occasional slip about old days of yore. politics seems to be the main topic, and there are quite a few interesting entries. spend some time poking around. well thought out, and well presented.
and what can i say about somebody who's blog focuses on food, especially baking? howdy to Table Bread. i want this guy to come to my house and make baked goods until i explode..
and here's a link to USS Razorback Museum blog. they have more than just Razorback stuff on the blog. it's interesting to see a historical submarine museum in Little Rock, Arkansas. this blog has some great pictures and interesting entries well worth visiting.
another new one for me is Blunoz Random Ramblings, and from his profile, it looks like he's an active duty submarine officer. Thanks for your service dude. i grew up (well, spent a large chunk of my youth) living in Oregon, both in Burns and Roseburg. good to see a fellow oregonian serving the country.
well, with that taken care of, let's go visit some of our buds...

In Through The Out Door points us to an interesting article about some proposed changes our govmint wants to impose to "make us safer". those words always make me nervous.

and Wheels within wheels posts a quickie visual that will have you cleaning the coffee of your screen. especially if you read the title of the post: "Some days, you just can't win"

and Chucklehead has a buddy that likes messing with the Nigerian scammers. funny stuff.

It is this last part that has the press giving itself wedgies in a panic that they may have been out of the loop on a huge international incident. I could not stop laughing when I first heard this story. These tick toads have very short memories and certainly do not understand military tactics.
Doc MacDonald reviews the "news" about the Kitty Hawk going to battlestations over a couple of chinese vessels. Doc, i remember stationing fire control tracking parties whenever we found a rooskie sub or skimmer. it was good practice, up to but not including (obviously) pushing the FIRE button.

the USS Augusta SSN-710 Alumni News blog reports the Augusta's decom date has been set.

the Midwatch Cowboy links up to an article about the Kitty Hawk's "confrontation", and the chinese press grilling ADM Keating.

The Right Mind links up to When Indiana Jones meets the Da Vinci Code. seriously interesting. the fact that "holy texts" are transformed and rewritten by those in charge is NOT news.
this reminds me of a book written by Gore Vidal called Messiah, where we can follow the evolution of a modern religion. the book was written the year i was born, and i read it somewhere around 1970-71 time frame. it solidified for me ideas regarding organized religion.

DaleJarret4ever, i'd like to forward our condolences. Grandma's are special, and their loss is never easy.

Blowing San#1 posts a worthy piece of advice. or is it a cautionary tale? anyway, check out his last several posts, some good rants in there.

hmmm, sounds like Megamunch has some nefarious plans afoot. read the comments for a chuckle or two.

Ex Nuke Bubblehead posts a youtube video of his old boat the Boston SSN-703. if you have a little time, look over some of the other posts/videos he has. you will enjoy, and it will not be a waste of time. well, maybe a waste of time, but you will enjoy.

Red Dog gives his take on the Prez's visit to the middle east. sorry dog, don't agree, but that's ok.

The Old Coot gets all all literary on us.

ok, i'm an ex-navy submariner, and so is Mike. but his post about the U.S. Marines commercial is more than worth a visit. and i recommend you follow his provided link to the website discussing the making of the commercial. kind of hits home for me. my nephew is currently serving in the Marines. and yes, he is one of the few, the proud, the Marines..., and i'm damned proud of him. even if he decided not to go submarines.

and since it's political time 24/7 until elections, i'd be remiss not sharing SonarMan's take on the Hillbeast's latest endeavors.

go over to Myron's place and tell him how much you admire really old guys. seriously, Myron has been inducted into the Holland Club which means he qualified submarines 50 years ago. That is a milestone worthy of congratulations and celebration.

the Knavish one posts a poignant photo. be brave little man.

and really, nobody should need a reason to go visit Cookie. his posts usually have me laughing for a while afterwards. so go visit, and read the jokes and watch the videos. everyone needs a humor break, and cookie whips up a damned good one.

"t's a win-win situation, folks. We get your vital statistics, and you get to show us your boobs."Reality Frame strikes again.

WTFO resurfaces following an extended deployment building igloos....

here's Rob "Doing his Best to Piss of the Religious Right". go for it.

and one of my very favorite bloggers Vigilis over at Molten Eagle has a whole series of great posts since the last roundup. the latest post includes oolies about rooskie submarines and a really cool youtube video with Italian submarines. that video is well worth the visit alone, but don't forget to wandering about and leaving pithy comments.

does posting a link to to a blogosphere roundup within a blogosphere roundup cause a discontinuity in the space time continuum? i guess the only way to find out is to hit "publish post". as always, Gus kicks serious ass. i really wish i was as smart and capable of stringing thoughts together like him. his latest post regarding the twisting science for political gain (my 5 word synopsis, not his) is required reading.

hey Chap The first liar almost always wins.

Willyshakes takes a look at the recent natterings from the NYT regarding how horrible and dangerous returning vets are to society at large. kind of pisses you off, doesn't it? a statistics professor of mine was always telling us that he could make any cause or idea credible with numbers. goes back to the old saw about "liars lie with words, statisticians lie with numbers".

Joel looks into stealth tech for submarines. i remember pulling into drydock, getting the whole boat enclosed in a humidity and temperature controlled structure, and then having the shipyard glue crap all over the boat. said it was supposed to make us stealthier. the only way you could NOT pick us up on sonar way out in the middle of the pacific was if we were tied along side the pier with the reactor shutdown and the crew on stand down.

and last but by no means least, go visit eric's Sub Report for the latest in the world of submarine news, views, and opinions.

until next time....

update oh yeah, forgot to mention my own blog. Click here to visit the the main page. lots of good stuff out there. food, submarines, guns, you name it. the only thing i don't have is noodie goils.

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Blogger Tablebread said...

Howdy Botenook! Just stopped by to see what 'the old man' was rambling about now :)

Love the site and the shoutout!

You wouldn't think that a baker was a 9 yr First Class radioman :) My Chief used to tell me that I reminded him of the elf on Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer. The elf that wanted to be a dentist.

But you know we just can't seem to leave those submarine days behind us. I think about the boat all the time. I think it's like that part at the end of Jarhead. We could adapt it to say: "We are still on maneuvering watch." or battle stations, both equally sucked.


1/19/08, 8:21 AM  
Blogger Jay said...

Uggggggghhhhhhh. I clicked the link to the bubbleblogger roundup within the roundup and I appear to be in some endless do-loop. How do I break the cycle?????

1/22/08, 7:53 PM  
Blogger loddfafnir said...

Igloo's, huh? So much for global warming....

1/23/08, 6:22 PM  
Blogger Cookie..... said...

As always...Thankee fer the free plugs...they're always welcome...and I'm glad to hear that you enjoy visitin the cookshack ever now and agin....

1/27/08, 8:50 AM  

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