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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

i was gone for a while, but i'm back`

di and i decided to move the beautiful Scandinavian Designs computer desk and office from one room to another, to make use of its utility. during the move, something mysterious and painful happened. when i plugged in the computer in its new home, nada. nothing. zip doodle squat.
hmmmm. everything else fires up. the UPS is working properly. the computer was working just moments ago.
let's see. no fan, and a blinking little green light on the back.
carp. so i tore the thing apart, noodled around, pulled and reseated boards, checked fans spun freely, dissected the power supply looking for a fuse or some other replaceable/resettable gizmo to no avail.
off to the local computer geek shack, forked over $60 for a 300 watt power supply, and back home. surgery ensued, apparently successful. no smoke, and a comforting whir of fans firing up when the guzon/guzoff button was pushed to guzon.
did you miss me? hope your new year celebrations went well, and no jail time or court dates resulted from your ringing out the old tired 2007.


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