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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Definition: Electile Dysfunction

Electile Dysfunction: the inability to become aroused over any of the choices for president put forth by either party in the 2008 election year.

looks like Fred pulled the plug. i really wish there was at least one candidate on either side of the party divide that appealed to my sensibilities. no, and i mean no fiscal responsibility in any camp that is coupled with anything like common sense on the domestic AND international fronts.

i am not looking for a wingnut wackjob, and i'm certainly not happy with the isolationist mentality i'm hearing espoused from several of the candidates. all i'm hearing is "I WILL GIVE YOU FREEBIES. VOTE FOR ME!!!"
who the ***k is going to be paying for the freebies they are so blithely promising? where is the commitment to build a stronger society when freebies are so readily available? short term promises become long term entitlement programs that eventually have to be paid for.... screw them all, i say. vote for Pat Paulson. oh wait, he's dead. never mind

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pat Paulsen...He's back and still better than all the rest!


1/23/08, 4:16 PM  
Blogger Vigilis said...

Cialis, of course, is no remedy for Electile Dysfunction.

Fortunately, CNhillary works fast, and is longlasting with tolerable side effects (wretching, post traumatic administration syndrome, insomnia, and dry eye).

Anyone except this psychopathic, egomaniacal, Napoleanic feminist excites me enough to vote to oppose her. Just an opinion.

1/24/08, 11:00 AM  
Blogger Jay said...

I fear that the cure is worse than the disease in Hillary's case. But, by your requirements, it would seem John McCain would be your choice - he's the most fiscally conservative (to a fault) and he's pretty solidly behind the war effort. He may not have too many other Conservative creds, but, he's got a couple of big ones.

I would, though, find an Obama presidency humorous, watching him talk his way out of the statements he has made about bringing the troops home when he gets in there, actually talks to some of our commanders, the state department, the CIA, NSA, TSA, etc, and decides that maybe bringing them back and leaving Iraq to AQ wasn't such a great idea after all.

I might be willing to even PAY to see that, and watch the moveon.org nuts excoriate them.

2/11/08, 5:26 PM  

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