Friday, October 01, 2021

got it....

Got my Pfizer booster and the flu vaccine today. Makes me feel a little more confident that a: I won't get sick, and b: I won't make someone else sick. It's a fact that as you age, your body makes different amounts of antibodies, so having the booster approved is a relief.

When 1 in 500 Americans have died from Covid or Covid related issues, it only makes sense. Anyone with more than one brain cell and a modicum of education or intellegence should be able to figure it out. The odds of something weird happening are way way less than 1 in 500. If 1 in 1,000,000 makes you nervous (and that is really just a random ratio I made up, I know there are far fewer side affects per million doses), why aren't you concerned about 1 in 500? Anyone that has ever put a coin in a slot machine, or bought a lotto ticket was counting on hitting a win with way way less odds of happening than 1 in 500.

I've been reading in various places that more people have died from the vaccine than from covid. Anyone that is spouting that nonsense is a moron, and if you believe it, perhaps you should read real news instead of the wackadoo news sites, blogs, instagram bs, or where ever else you get your information.

And don't get me started on the religious aspect. Nowhere in the bible that I've read since I was old enough to read says "Thou shalt not take a vaccine to reduce your chances of dieing or killing someone else". Any religious leader that spouts that crap is actually doing the devil's work, in my opinion. I'm no longer a practicing Christian, but even I know that mentality is far from being Christian. Thou shalt not kill kind of becomes the operative phrase here. Get covid, infect someone else....you may have just killed them. Even the Pope has been vaccinated, and has stated there are no religious exemptions available from the Catholic church.

Frankly, if you are unvaccinated and have covid, end up in the ICU, and someone like a stroke or heart attack victim doesn't get a bed because of you....if they die, you should be charged with voluntary manslaughter. You make your choices, be prepared to deal with the consequences.

The politically motivated mouth breathers that refuse to get the shot because of politics should have their citizenship revoked and not be allowed to vote, since their thought processes are obviously flawed. Even The Donald got vaccinated. What more do you need? Can't tell you what to do? OK, but don't whine when you or your children get sick just because you let that kind of foul thinking cloud your mind.

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