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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

harping about MM

you, gentle readers will probably get tired of my ongoing diatribes against the portly "everyman" from flint michigan, but then it's my blog. so, here i am, cruising the NY Times op ed articles for the last week, and came across this. you may need to do a quickie survey to get a free online username/password, but it's worth it.
anyway, here i am, reading the flagship newspaper of the hard core right wing crazies (tongue firmly in cheek), and i read this article by David Brooks. i can't say i always agree with what he writes, but he always makes me consider that there are at least two sides to just about any issue under discussion. imagine my surprise as he begins slapping the crap out of moore. surprise, surprise. i had to read the article twice to make sure that i got it all, and that i wasn't reading in my own not inconsiderable bias.
the upshot of the article is how moore is making a career out of bashing america, and the american way of life, to any audience OVERSEAS he can find. and he's finding very receptive audiences. i know that there are things in this country that are wrong. i'm not jingoistic in my love of my country. reality in the homelessness plight, garbage in the streets, chronically poor working stiffs, i know these things. but they are not the whole story, only a small slice. there are many "small slices" like the ones i mentioned, but to consider the entire system, and our economy/society as basically rotten to the core....don't buy it. there is a fundamental goodness in this country that apparently MM has missed out on. and to hail him as some paragon of the left saddens me, because by extension, those of the left must share most or all of his values. doesn't it?

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