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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

this explains a lot

i've wondered why i have been hearing stories diametrically opposed to the published news from my amigos in the sandbox in the middle east. so i was listening to Tom Sullivan, a local talk show host on my way to work. he reads this on the air, and it kind of clears up a little of the fog surrounding what i'm hearing from the middle east, and what i'm reading and hearing in the american press. the author is a marine reservist. interesting. fodder for thought.

and this little bombshell from the new iraqi prime minister won't open the eyes of those that don't want to see. i can already hear the deriding comments regarding the independence of the new iraqi government, and how they will parrot whatever gw and the bushies want stated. maybe. i don't know, but this guy presents a credible arguement for u.s. intervention in iraq.

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