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Friday, July 23, 2004

another gem from my buds at the sub board.

this is getting ridiculous. but, for most of the folks out there, submariners aren't usually topics of conversations. so, i'm sharing stuff i find there with those gentle readers that would never get exposed to things like this. having said that, i found this article fascinating. not just because this is about a couple of boat sailors playing in the sand, but for what the message they report about conditions in iraq. you know, that place where everyone hates us, and we really really need to get out of there before anyone else starts hating us.
i wonder where they got subdued dolphins for their uniforms...

this guy is way out of his normal hideout in the ship's office typing reports for the weekly naval reactors letter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

bo - this is hop. when i was in the army i took silver dolphins and painted them black. you should have seen the looks i use to get at fort bragg in north carolina. i am sure now you can buy a patch and have them sewed in. btw i know i haven't emailed you yet. will do so soon. see you my friend

7/27/04, 6:46 PM  

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