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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

stirring, stirring, stirring

so here i am, sitting in the computer room with colin quinn on comedy central. no apologies. i like that show, and will stop to watch it if it's on. otherwise....food network baby.

back to my post. colin tossed off a one liner that has really gotten me thinking, and i'm curious where these musings will take me.
"there is an unreported schism in the american jewish community. the old lefties are having real problems, because they are finding their groups are backing the palistinians." does make me wonder...

oh, and now for something completely different: they have wild west technology on the history channel. weird thought passed through my head, and it just shows how conditioned i have become. they showed a condemned man climbing the 12 steps up to the gallows, and all i could think of was "there's no handrail". damned OSHA, damn them damn them.


Blogger Edvardicus said...

Colin is a hoot. I like him, Chapelle, and Jon Stewart. The schism is the American Jewish community isn't all that schismatic. Most Jews harbor no illusions about the Palistinians and Arafat. Its the rare self loathing punk like Dennis Bernstein that have no concept. If it came to a new roundup, Hamas and Hizb Allah would have this creep on their list and boy would he be surprised.

7/21/04, 8:08 AM  

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