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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

out looking for long lost bookmarks

so i bought this really nice computer a little while ago. timeframe based on state of the art available, i have a P-4 3.4gighz machine, so that should settle the ancient history time frame for you. i mean, what, it is up to 38terra hertz machines now, right? so anyway, when i bought the new computer, my old trusty buddy went to the boy child for his college work. which he never uses for anything other than stripping cd's so he can load them into his ipod, but i digress.
computer leaves with son, dad pulls backup cd out of sleeve, reload all my netscape stuff, like mailboxs and ... bookmarks. worked just fine while downloading my wife's saved stuff. i lost almost everything of mine. ghost in the machine? thumbprint on cd recording media at the time of upload? dumb shit operator at either up or down load time? don't know, but it definitely sux. so i have embarked on a mission. find all my old bookmarks. or a least the ones that stuck out enough for me to revisit over and over.

today's bookmark: Scrapleface. think the onion, with a political twist.

humm, wonder what i'll go searching for tomorrow?

ah, to hell with waiting for tomorrow. here's one of my favorite off beat bookstores, located in the real world in baltimore: Atomic Books. best be quitting for now, otherwise i'll get zip for sleep tonight. this is what working swing shift is good for. late night on the computer, no interferences like sales calls or well, anything. real quiet except for me and my keyboard clicks


Blogger Macbeau said...

Please, get all the rest you need. I don't think guys who work in the radiation management industry should be asleep at the control panel. :-0

7/20/04, 11:03 AM  
Blogger bothenook said...

not a problem. i don't usually get up until almost noon. one of the issues with folks that work odd shifts is the internal clock. if you work dayshift, you get up, jam some grub down the pie hole, and boogie to work. when you get off, you come home, jam some grub down the pie hole, and futz around until bedtime. i work swings, so i get up, jam some grub down the pie hole, boogie to work, get off, get home around 0100, get some grub, ride my excersize bike, surf the web, hit the rack around 0300 or 0400, get up at 1130 and start it all over again. no biggie.

7/20/04, 6:26 PM  

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